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Balanced Athlete is Mindful Movement Coaching.

Balanced Athlete teaches the Movement Operating System that when engaged helps you move out of pain, increases strength and flexibility, and age with a sense of grace and dignity.

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Becoming a Balanced Athlete starts now, and lasts a lifetime. Join us at one of our Balanced Athlete Fitness Studios or learn more about integrating our approach into your personal fitness routine.

“I was scheduled for bilateral hip replacements. After one Balanced Athlete session with Johnny I called off my hip replacements. I wish I found this 10 years ago yet I’m happy to be practicing Balanced Athlete method now. Highly recommend!”
- Joanie Delle Donne
“I began working with Johnny after the 2004 season. Four days a week of Balanced Athlete Program played a huge role in the 2005 season being my best season ever. It helped me run faster, turn on the ball more, and over-all made my body work better. I believe the Balanced Athlete approach is the missing element to developing the ultimate athlete.”
- Tony Graffanino, Major League Baseball player 1995-2009
“Balanced Athlete and the life’s work of Johnny Gillespie is the future direction of teaching movement first. I see it as a big piece of the future direction of the personal training field”
- Nick Clayton, Director of Personal Training for the NSCA